Friday, January 2, 2009

My oldest has a birthday on New Year's Eve. 11:10pm to be exact. So his birthday is always a big production. Too bad he's never been able to stay up to ring in the new year. This time he zonked out at 11:30pm. Just missed it. Oh well.

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday breakfast and he wanted Spaceman Eggs. It's basically a rendition of toad in the hole. But they were yummy and everyone enjoyed them and he even enjoyed helping make them, which in my book was the best part.

Spaceman Eggs
1-2 slices of bread per person
1 egg per slice of bread
gingerbread man cookie cutter
1-2 tbsp butter

Take the cookie cutter and cut the shape out of the bread (the cut out part would be really fun for sandwiches later in the day or bread crumbs).
Place a bit of butter in the pan and melt. Place bread in the pan and toast on one side. Flip the bread and add the egg to the cut out part of the bread. Cook until the egg is done. If you like sunny side up eggs it will only take a couple of minutes. We didn't so we basically stirred up the egg before adding it to the toast. Either way is fine, just depends on how you like it.

Eat and enjoy. This is a great kids breakfast and perfect for letting little hands help out. My oldest really loved being able to make his birthday breakfast.

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MaryBeth said...

These go by many names around the country but no matter what you call it just call it darn good.

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