Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Arya You won the Baby Center giveaway!!!

Email me your mailing info: so we can get your prize out to you!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Center


I know this isn't really food related, but since I'm expecting again, it fits.

Are you expecting? Do you know someone who is? Well.....

Whether you´re trying to conceive or are looking for nutritious snack ideas for your preschooler,, the Web's #1 global interactive parenting network, is the place to be.

Last year, 7 in 10 babies born in the United States were BabyCenter babies and more than 8 million moms in the United States turn to BabyCenter each month for information, advice and guidance.

As the world´s partner in parenting, BabyCenter offers moms trusted advice from hundreds of experts around the globe, medical advisory board-approved information, friendship with other moms, and support at every stage of your child´s development.

In an effort to be there for mom during her pregnancy and parenting journey, wherever and whenever she needs it most, BabyCenter continually strives to offer valuable parenting tools. Among the latest and greatest include:

  • BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today App
    • This new, free application for the iPhone and iTouch, guides expectant moms through their pregnancy journey, offering award-winning, medically reviewed health content; advice from obstetricians, midwives, nutritionists, and other experts; daily activities and reminders; and conversation and connection with other moms-to-be in BabyCenter´s community.

  • BabyCenter "Preparing for Labor and Birth" Online Class
    • The BabyCenter Class is a convenient, at-home option for moms who can´t attend hospital childbirth classes due to hectic work schedules or being put on bed rest. And the price is right, too! For only $39.99, the all-new 2-hour instructional course lets you hear from doctors, ask your questions, and build confidence for your big day. Preparing for Labor and Birth includes: An explanation of the signs and stages of labor; What to expect during labor; Labor and birth stories from new moms; An overview of your pain-management options; A tour of a delivery room; Suggestions for creating your birth plan; A checklist to help you prepare for the big day and more.

  • BabyCenter Parenting Books (BabyCenter® Pregnancy and BabyCenter® Baby)
    • These two new practical and reassuring books provide pregnant women and new mothers with all of the information and support they need during this exciting new time in their lives, with a blend of expert advice and true "mom wisdom." Both are great, highly visual, reference books to keep on the nightstand for that nagging question or concern that inevitably pops up in the middle of the night.

  • Mom Answers
    • This new interactive tool gives BabyCenter moms an emotionally supportive environment where they can ask questions and get answers straight from other moms who´ve had similar life experiences. It´s like having access to 8 million best girlfriends 24/7.

  • Milestones
    • The new Milestones tool provides BabyCenter moms the ability to quickly and easily record important pregnancy and childhood milestones and share them with friends and family via e-mail, Facebook, and the BabyCenter Community. It´s a fun way to create an online "baby book."
The folks at and My Blog Spark would like to provide 1 lucky reader with a prize pack containing: two new BabyCenter parenting books (BabyCenter® Pregnancy and BabyCenter® Baby), a package of Seventh Generation diapers, a gift card from BabyCenter partner, Shutterfly and a BabyCenter bib.

I received a similar pack and I am so excited to use the diapers and the coupon. The books have lots of information whether you are a new mom or a seasoned veteran. Even if you aren't expecting, this would be a great gift for a new mom!

Good luck-1 entry per person please and include an email address where i can contact you if you win!! Contest ends

Good luck!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Iron Foodie

Iron Foodie 2010 | Here's Why that will be me: -- Fine Bulk Foods The Foodie BlogRoll

1. Why compete?

I love the idea of being creative in the kitchen. I'm always taking a recipe i've found and tweaking it in a way to make it my own. I've also come up with a few of my own recipes inspired by foods i've eaten and loved. I just love being in the kitchen cooking and baking!!

2. Who's kitchen?

I would love to spend the day in Paula Deen's kitchen. She reminds me of the way my family cooks, down home and from the heart. I would love to be around her and soak up her hospitality and love of cooking and just her enthusiasm for eating what she cooks. I love that!!!

3. What morsel would you swipe?

Probably something desert related. Especially if it's chocolate!!!! Maybe also a pasta dish of some sort. I just can't get enough pasta or desert for that matter!!

4. Childhood in one meal?

Fried chicken, boiled potatoes with green beans, homemade biscuits and corn. This is the meal we ate every Sunday at my grandmother's home. There is no one on this earth (except maybe my mom) that can make the fried chicken like she did. It was one of the reasons I looked forward to seeing my grandmother on the weekends. She was the most amazing cook!!!

5.Mainstream food I can't stand?

Sushi.....I just can't get behind the appeal. I've tried it many times thinking it was just me and I had a block, but I just can't do it. Bleh.....

Wish me luck!!!

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