Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from our family to yours! Amid all the candy and bunnies and fun, let us not forget the reason we are celerating! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Homemade Creme Eggs

Something fun for Easter. I made these for my boys to give their teachers as well as their bus driver. All seemed very appreciative. If you like Cadbury's creme eggs, then you'll love these!! I saw these and just had to try them. I'm not a fan of this particular candy but my kids are and we had just enough of the eggs left that they were able to have one each and they LOVED them. Asked me to make them again. Not sure i'll be doing that anytime soon as they were not quite as easy as they sound. But they were fun and I am really glad I was able to do them!

*1/2 cup light corn syrup
*1/4 cup butter, room temperature
*3 cups confectioner's powdered sugar
*1 teaspoon vanilla
*1/4 teaspoon salt
*yellow food coloring
*1 (12 ounce) bag milk chocolate chips ( i would HIGHLY recommend you use the Wilton candy melts here-so much easier to work with!)

Cream together the corn syrup, butter and vanilla.
Sift in the confectioner's powdered sugar and beat until incorporated.

Now it's time to make the "whites" and the "yolks!"
Take out about a third of the filling and stir in some yellow food coloring. Viola! It's that easy!
Put the two bowls in the fridge, as they're easier to work with once they're set up a little.

This step is sticky! Keep some extra powdered sugar on hand to dust your hands with. (This step got me frustrated because the filling is so sticky.)
Make little yolk balls out of the yellow mixture. Place them on some parchment or wax paper. If using wax paper, spray with cooking spray or you'll have a mess on your hands.....again, I should know. grrrr. Put them back in the fridge or even the
freezer to firm up. If it's hot or the slightest bit warm in the kitchen these things will melt in a heartbeat. If it's high humidity when you are doing this, DON'T. They'll melt faster than you can work with them.

When the yolks are set up, you can start embedding them in the whites. Scoop an amount of white filling out and flatten it into a circle. Place the yolk ball inside, and
wrap the white around it. Know what to do next? Stick it in the fridge.

Melt the chocolate + 2 teaspoons of shortening in the microwave in short bursts until just melted.
Either dip fillings into the chocolate with a fork and let set on parchment, or skewer the fillings and dip them that way (a'la cake pops).  Stir constantly, you don't want your chocolate to burn. Nothing worse than burnt chocolate, believe me, I know...grrr!

Once the chocolate is set, you can dip them again for an extra chocolatey shell or melt a different color and drizzle over the top like I did. I also found some colored sugar in the pantry and decided the eggs needed that too. I thought they turned out pretty-pretty enough to eat apparently!

Have fun!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easy breakfast

Good Sunday morning!! (or afternoon as the case may be!)

Here's what I had for breakfast this morning. Super easy and very satisfying and yummy!!!

Waffle Scramble
*1 whole grain low fat waffle
*1/4 C egg beaters
*1 slice american cheese (i used the weight watchers brand sliced cheese-if you use regular american sliced cheese add 1 extra point to your points total-if you care about that sort of thing)
*1C chopped spinach
*1/4C chopped fresh mushrooms

Cook waffle in toaster. While it's toasting heat the spinach and mushrooms in a skillet until warmed through and the spinach has started to wilt. Add egg beaters and scramble.

Top hot waffle with egg mixture and top with slice of cheese.


WW points: 4
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