Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ramen Nachos

For Saturday night dinners I try to do something fun. Not the same old same old dinner. I also have a really neat little cookbook that's called 101 things to do with Ramen Noodles. I like to use it every now and then for something different. Plus it's fairly cheap. So I found a fun recipe for last night. It's called Ramen Nachos and was a complete hit!!! I have a VERY picky eater and he downed this. I think I'll keep this in the old filing cabinet for a while. I tweaked the recipe a bit to fit our family. Here's what I did:

4 pkgs beef flavored ramen noodles, broken up with seasoning packets
1 1/2 C cubed cheddar cheese (I used sharp cheddar)
1 -14oz can chili (with or without beans-which ever you prefer)
1 C finely chopped white or vidalia onions
corn chips
sour cream
green onions, chopped

Cook noodles in water according to pkg directions and drain. Add 1/2 of the seasoning packets.

Once noodles are back in the pot add cheese and chili. Mix until cheese is melted.
Spoon mixture over corn chips, top with onions and sour cream.

It was so yummy and with the crunch of the chips tasted like you were eating nachos.

Feel free to tweak this to your liking. Sorry there isn't a picture. By the time I remembered I wanted to take a picture of it we were done eating. I'll have to be faster on the draw next time!



Stephanie said...

That sounds like a really yummy dinner! Very creative. As there's no picture, I'm trying to picture it in my mind, and I definitely like what I see!

Rebekah said...

yeah-sorry again about the no picture thing. i really need to be quicker with the camera!!! sorry!!!

Jason said...

It tasted like nachos because IT WAS nachos.

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