Monday, May 11, 2009

Grilled Corn

We've been using our grill like crazy lately. Anything that we can think of to grill we are throwing it on there. Last night we even grilled up some bread to go with the steaks my husband grilled for Mother's Day (I hope each of my mom reader's out there had a great day!!). So this was no exception. Saturday night the grocery store had ears of corn for 5/$1. I couldn't pass it up and decided to grab 5 ears. Just enough to feed our family. I've never grilled corn before so I really wanted to try it. Perfect with the burgers that would be thrown on it as well. So I found this recipe and tweaked it for our family and Viola! Yummy corn off the grill!! Enjoy!!!

Grilled Corn
1 ear per member of your family (or more if you like them)
tbsp butter per ear
salt & pepper

peel the ears down to about 1 inch from bottom. Remove all the silk. Replace the leaves.
Place in tub of water and make sure they soak for about 20 minutes. This will keep them from burning up.
Once they have soaked for 20 min, open leaves and add butter, salt and pepper.

Place on hot grill for about 20-25 minutes. Turn occasionally so they don't get too done on one side.

Eat and enjoy with favorite grilled dish!

These had a great smoky flavor. I loved it! May have to grill my corn more often! Even my 2 year old who isn't that fond of corn on the cob ate it like it was going out of style!! I call that....a success!!


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Angie said...

I'm allergic to butter, so I've tried doing the grilled corn with olive oil, and it turned out really well that way too.

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