Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Giveaway!!!

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day with your sweetie, family, etc. Our family had a great day spending it together!!

I have another great giveaway!!! The folks at Cheerios have launched a new type. I love Cheerios, it's one of my favorite cereals. I love putting fruit in it and I could just gobble it up. Well like I said they have a new flavor: Banana Nut. Tastes just like banana nut bread. Yum!!!!

So I have 3 baskets to giveaway that will include a VIP coupon for Banana Nut Cheerios® cereal, banana tree with fruit basket, bread loaf pan and a set of two cereal bowls. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment letting us know what you like to put in your cereal. My favorite it fresh fruit, specifically strawberries and blueberries!
Good luck and this contest will end


Stephanie said...

If it's cold cereal, I prefer just milk (occasionally adding some sliced bananas). If it's hot cereal, I have to put in brown sugar.

MaryBeth said...

We love to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner on those really late nights when my husband gets home late and we are very tired. I love to but strawberries and banana's in my cereal. I would really love to win this, I have not seen this flavor in our area and I love cheerios. The fruit stand is so darn cute and I have been telling my husband that I would like to have one.

Karin said...

I use milk and sometimes bananas or blueberries.

The new variety of cheerios sounds good!

MaybeMama said...

I love to add bananas and almond slices.

Betsy said...

Bananas and strawberries.

Melody said...

I like to put bananas in my cereal. Especially in Cheerios with a tiny bit of sugar sprinkled on top!

LeslieVeg said...

I put Low Fat Vanilla Almond Breeze on my Cold Cereal.. I'm a simple kinda Girl!
Now on my oatmeal... I put pumpkin, and some pumpkin pie spice!!! YUM to Both!

Carolyn G said...

I love to put bananas or berries (any type) into my cereal. It's the best thing!!!

rooann said...

i usually put in some ground flax seed for extra nutrients and fiber... but i also love sliced banana. yummmm! cute prize pack, this cereal sounds great!

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