Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tonight for dinner we are having tortilla soup. You can find my recipe for it here. It's really good and the more veggies you add, the better for you.

Here are the points value for this soup per serving (it serves 4):

with sour cream added: 8 points
w/o sour cream: 6 points
with shrimp: 7 points (I added this tonight because I had some frozen in my freezer. You could leave this out.)
with chicken (no sour cream-if you add the sour cream add 2 points) as in original recipe: 8 points

that leaves plenty of room for dessert, depending on how you ate during the day!!

I also added some fresh spinach to mine soup tonight for some extra veggies. I bought some fresh yesterday and I could not resist adding it to the soup.

Enjoy it (again)!

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