Thursday, December 18, 2008

Smore's Kit

I have been pacing for a month now on what to share with my son's class for Christmas. Tomorrow is their last day of school and I finally figured out what to do. I found a Smore's Kit that I could make for each individual child. Really easy and terribly inexpensive to make. My primary kids will be getting the same kit. It was really fun to make too. My 4 year old got into the spirit and helped me put them together!

Smore's Kit
plastic baggie, sandwich size
marshmallows (I found the Christmas ones shaped like stars and trees)
snack size chocolate bars
graham crackers (I decided to use the chocolate graham crackers)

Put everything in plastic baggie and attach label. Hand out.

These are so cute, I just know the kids are going to love them. I just hope the graham crackers make it to school without breaking too much!!!

HAPPY EATING!!!!!!!!!!

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