Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Funeral Potates

I had honestly never heard of funeral potatoes until we moved to Utah. Apparently this dish is something people take for the meal after a funeral (hince the name). If you've heard of it and you don't live in UT, well then you get out more than I do! :) But after living in Ut for 4 years I'd never even tried them, much less tried to make them. So I figured now was a good time to try it. I'm ssssooo glad that I did. This is a really good meal. Most traditional versions of this meal do not include the meat or the veggies. I wanted to add some substance to it and make it the main dish. The pepperoni for us was a big hit, but you could absolutely change it for whatever your family likes. Isn't that what this recipe thing is all about anyway? Make how you like it. We loved it and plan on making it again in the near future!!!

Funeral Potatoes

6 c. frozen grated potatoes (I used a mixture of fresh cut potatoes and frozen ones)
½ c. margarine
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 pkg turkey pepperoni
1/2 bag frozen peas
1 ½ c grated cheddar cheese
¼ c very finely chopped onion
2 c sour cream
¾ c corn flakes
¼ c melted butter

Mix ingredients in bowl and transfer to a casserole dish. I placed everything in the bowl except pepperoni and then placed half the mixture into dish, topped with pepperoni and then topped off with rest of mixture.
Mix cornflakes/crakers and melted butter, sprinkle over top.
Bake, covered with foil @ 350 for 45 min, uncovering last 15 min. (i cooked mine for 40 minutes covered and then 15 covered-ovens will vary, so just keep and eye on it)

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